Home Run Meals

Serving great meals at home can be easy.

How it Works

Tell us what you like. Answer a few quick questions about types of food you enjoy, ingredients you avoid, and the number of meals your plan should cover.
Receive your meal plan. Every week you will receive a personalized meal plan designed around your tastes and the type of recipes you enjoy.
Relax and Enjoy.
Now you've got easy recipes planned for every meal, an organized grocery list, and money saving coupons. You'll reap the reward every night!

How It Helps You...


Save Time

Meal Planning used to be a hassle. First you had to think of 7 days worth of meals your family would enjoy. Then you'd have to dig through cookbooks and recipe files to determine the list of ingredients you needed and write out your grocery list. Some weeks you just don't have time, and then are left scrambling to put some sort of meal together at dinner time.

With Home Run Meals, meal planning is simple. We offer you weekly plans filled with meals suited to your family's personal tastes, instantly link you to recipes for each dish, and give you a printable grocery list with every ingredient you'll need -- all in just minutes.

On top of that, you'll receive quick-and-easy recipes designed to save you time on busy weeknights, and a grocery list that is organized by store aisle to make your weekly shopping trip quicker than ever.


Save Money

Dinner out for a family of four can cost $80 or more when you account for travel expenses, drinks, and gratuity. An even better dinner for four at home can easily cost you less than $20.

Home Run Meals gives you a clear plan for what to cook for dinner, quick and easy recipes, and helps make sure you have all the ingredients you need on hand. When cooking at home is so easy, you're less likely to go out. If you eliminate just one dinner out each month, that's like putting an extra $60 in your pocket!

On top of that, Home Run Meals gives you a detailed shopping list to reduce impulse purchases at the supermarket, and provides budget friendly recipes and printable coupons so that your grocery dollars go further - without reducing the quality of your meals. The table at right shows the potential savings that make subscribing to Home Run Meals a smart choice for your budget.

Example Monthly Savings*

One less dinner out per month $60
Budget friendly recipes lower your grocery bill $25
Printable coupon savings $15
Subscription Cost -$10
Total Savings: $90
*For a family of four


Eat Healthier

Eating fresh, home cooked meals is the healthiest diet choice you can make, and the only way to really know what you are putting in your body.

Frozen and processed meals can be loaded with chemicals and preservatives, while restaurants stuff dishes with too much butter and cheese. Did you know that even salads at popular restaurant chains can have nearly a full day's allowance of fat and calories?

Home Run Meals takes your health seriously. We can focus your meal plans around healthy choices, low carb meals, or vegetarian dishes, helping you find delicious recipes that won't add pounds to your waistline.


Discover New Foods

Sometimes the hardest part of cooking dinner can be deciding what to make.

Home Run Meals can help you discover new foods by suggesting popular recipes from around the world. And best of all, we learn from what you enjoy, so if you have a taste for spicy foods, we will suggest them more often, or if you find a particular dish you love, we'll point out other dishes with similar flavor profiles.

Want to discover new crockpot recipes, or more kid friendly meals? We've got you covered. You'll discover new dishes that your family will love, and you will always have an answer to the question, "What's for dinner?"

What It Costs

You can begin using Home Run Meals for free. Your free trial includes two personalized weekly meal plans. After your trial, you may choose between these two plans:

  1. Paid Plan: We create a balanced meal plan specifically for you, based on your preferences and the recipes you've enjoyed, and then give you the option to customize it. This time-saving plan costs only $2.30/week (purchased monthly) or $1.92/week (purchased annually).

  2. Free Plan: You retain full access to the meal planner, but instead of having meal plans suggested for you, you build them yourself by adding recipes with our easy search tool, or by entering your own favorite recipes.

The paid plans are the best value and will save you time and money. If they don't, let us know in the first 30 days for a full refund. Even with the free plan, you can still lower your food costs and enjoy better meals for less effort.

Paid Plans Free Plan
Hundreds of simple recipes for delicious, healthy meal plans
An organized grocery list you can print or email to your phone
Printable coupons for savings on major grocery brands
Personalized meal suggestions for faster, easier meal planning
Smart meal planner learns and predicts recipes you'll love

Sign up today for a two week free trial with no cost and no obligation. We are a small business, and we promise to respect your privacy and do our best to make dining-in a fun and rewarding experience for your family.

Have a question? We'd love to hear from you. Please contact us online or call us at (408) 475-6325.